Plugin Makery - The definitive Bubble plugin making training material!

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The definitive plugin making training material

Updated for the 2023 server side V4 change, it is a mandatory upgrade that has to be done in all plugins by January 4, 2024.

"Limitations in Bubble? Never heard of them" is what you will say from now on.

You will gain a new power and be able to do so much more as a bubbler! 
No more losing a new work or not shipping a feature to your user because Bubble doesn't offer you that. 

You will be able to create the new feature yourself!

Become an Unlimited Bubbler and unlock opportunities you would never be able to enjoy otherwise.
Company options available too. 

This training material covers your journey from no code, to coder, to plugin maker.

You will benefit from this material if you are interested in building plugins for yourself, building plugins for others and/or have team members that will build plugins.
With this training material, in a couple months of part time effort (no instantaneous miracle pill here!) you will have made a great plugin.

Why do I know this to be true? Because without guidance I went from nocode to having finished PDF Conjurer in two months. And apart of talking to extra-dimensional beings, I'm a normal person just like you 😂.

But I won't just share my journey in these two months.

What you will have access to will put you on a rail and propel you years forward in terms of skills and prevented mistakes.

This exact material I use to train new members in my team so they get up to speed as fast as possible without compromising on quality, for the obvious benefit of me profiting as soon as possible with my new hire.
So you can be assured that my training material is battle tested and as efficient as I can make it to be.

And you will use it for much longer than the initial months and far beyond your first big plugin.

It's great for you to know that I'm making this to be the supreme support center for new and veteran plugin developers alike, so you should definitely join the guild regardless of your current skill level 😉
Even I use this material to build something faster, usually to copy and paste one of my ready made tools and get done with it already.

Also, if you buy the quick consulting support too, then we will be able to chat about technical and business challenges too!

No more doing it alone!

I cover:

1. The single most important psychological point behind plugins and why this is the main business driver in this niche.

2. Why I see lots of public plugins as low value and how I won't let you fall in that category.

3. How to understand the problem and how to architect a plugin that will solve it.

4. Why make a plugin that actually matters, that is good for everyone involved in the long term.

5. What not to build. Partial spoiler: things the bubbler can build by himself, for example comfort plugins and API Connector plugins. It must always be limit breaking.

6. Business considerations: Extracting all the value you can from your new skill of plugin makery. A hot topic for sure!🔥

7. Talking to the bubbler that is the plugin user. Don't be fooled, this topic is important too! I have the experience of thousands of interactions and am willing to impart my knowledge on this with you. With a short and simple framework you will be able to always get progress for you and everyone else involved.

8. The plugin editor: how and when to use everything in it.

9. Avoiding the common potholes that I and all the other new plugin makers ran into.

10. How to actually pitch a plugin, making an offer with examples from my pitches. This is important even if you don't plan on freelancing, because you will need to sell the plugin to your coworkers, boss and clients involved in building a Bubble app.

11. How does the plugin making process look from a project viewpoint: what scope can be built within specific time frames and costs involved.

12. How to defeat the issues you'll face when building a plugin. Includes debugging, problem solving and more.

13. How to ask good questions that will actually bring you external help, often for free.

14. Links and instructions on what to learn in the coding world, step by step and in what order, and equally, possibly more important: what not to learn and fully ignore so you have a clear path towards mastery and added value to you and the ones surrounding you. 
This training material here is not meant to teach basic coding. There are thousands of awesome resources out there in the open internet, free and paid, that we will leverage.

15. Operational checklists and ready-made functions that will help you reduce mistakes, access a bigger variety of web technology and build much faster. A powerful field manual forged from experience.

16. Your setup: Gearing up for the mission and knowing exactly how and when to use each software.

Plus more topics you will need that I won't give spoilers here and many other topics that I will be adding and improving over time.

By now you know that you will be fully covered to handle every challenge that you will face in your journey and fully prepared to create powerful and unique plugins, regardless of premade resources available around the web.

The courseware:

This material is currently entirely build with text and images. I know, in times of Youtube, every content seems to be only video. However, there are advantages to using this good old format too! Here they are:

  • Easier to skim through, 
  • Fit to use as a reference during work time, 
  • Faster to consume in its entirety without locking you to long video times, 
  • Requires no english listening skills in case english is not your native language and 
  • Easier to edit and selectively share internally in your company if you bought the company-wide access, so each employee or department only sees what is relevant to them.

Also it's easier for me to update the content and tell you what changed so you can quickly and effortlessly stay on top of improvements done to this training material.

Nonetheless, remember that you are backed by the 30 days money back guarantee and I know for sure that this material will bring you many times the invested amount, both in terms of your time back and in more profit that otherwise you would not have. 

Also, it is very important that you know that you don't need to master Javascript to build something useful with it.

As I mentioned, I built PDF Conjurer while being a total newbie. And the plugin was a big hit from day one!

And continues to be a great tool to this day, five years later.
Talk about a continuous high impact!

You get all new content and improvements on current content for no extra cost.
It’s an investment that grows in benefits for you over time 😎
And that’s not even considering all the new opportunities you will be able to tap with your newfound powers.

Check the article titles below to have a more precise idea of what awaits you

  • Your setup
  • Welcome! 😄
  • Using states and events together for data consistency
  • Using global data types
  • Using exposed states
  • Using data API
  • Using custom fields
  • Using bubble events
  • Using asynchronous functions
  • Uploading small files to Bubble
  • Uploading large files to Bubble
  • Unique ID for an element
  • Transforming a list of objects into Bubble lists
  • The why of plugins
  • The plugin making project blueprint
  • Sharing data between element workflow actions with
  • Reactive components - Lists part 4
  • Reactive components - Lists part 3
  • Reactive components - Lists part 2
  • Reactive components - Lists part 1
  • Providing support to plugin users
  • Protocol fix
  • Profiting from plugins
  • Plugin update
  • Plugin preview
  • NodeJS: how to create a writable stream
  • Manipulating images with Canvas in browser
  • Loading files from URL with fetch and FileReader
  • Leaving behind the API Connector - How to use context.request and backend workflows
  • Learning to code
  • Interacting with Bubble UI elements using unique ID
  • Inline worker
  • Improving plugin SEO
  • How to use web worker on Bubble database edge case
  • How to sort arrays using Array.filter
  • How to sell plugin making services
  • How to make plugins compatible with repeating group
  • Handling nested properties on javascript objects: innermost properties
  • Getting lists from Bubble
  • Gathering the initial information
  • Fixing bugs and issues during development
  • Field types
  • Emulating bubble environment
  • Element actions
  • Dynamically load external JS and CSS files
  • Dominating server side
  • Documenting a plugin
  • Detecting repeating group cell finished loading
  • Dealing with shared technical settings

Quick consulting support

I'll be supporting you through message chat inside my app in a teach-to-fish relationship for a full year.
Think of it as a quick consulting on business and technical challenges.

And I have a good step by step process for you to formulate your message and attain maximum value from your and my time.

Plus, your doubt may even be the seed of a new article written to address your current challenge, so you get a more detailed answer!

You will be able to harness my knowledge, so there are countless challenges that I already faced that you will still face, and I will be able to support you through these challenges.

If that interaction isn't enough or if you want to speed up your learning and your current project, then do schedule a paid session with me 😊
I’ll coach you towards a solution and also explain any code that I might add by myself so you know what’s going on.
You'll end up smarter and your plugin will receive a good push forward 😉
Having a second pair of experienced eyes is definitely helpful!

Support is focused on teaching you how to solve your current challenge instead of me solving your challenge.
In other words, I will give you the fishing rod and teach you how to use it and not the fish. Else you would just come back for more fish.

If, back then in school, your teacher had made your homework and tests for you, you would not have learned anything and 1+1 would be too difficult for you now 😅 

Why bother using your head if someone else is just going to solve it anyway? 🤤

The same applies here. It's important that your mind grows with each and every challenge you face.

That is what will build mastery in you.
And that's my goal here.

Anyway, I have a couple rules on it, check them and see if you agree:

Rules on the quick consulting support:

  • It only happens if you purchased the optional support version of this product.
  • It has no Service Level Agreement (SLA), this means I may take 6 hours, 3 days or more to respond. Of course I will always respond as fast as possible! Usually you will only wait for more than a week if I'm sick, am having a spike in demand or something like that. And recently I have been taking one to two days to respond.

In essence, I will look into your situation and think what would I do next to make progress on it.

And you can bring the same issue or idea as many times as you like, I just expect you to input effort and to think about it before bringing it up again.

Purchase options

I offer individual access and company-wide access, so individuals can have a smaller price and companies will be able to heavily bolster their training material for their entire workforce with a single one time fee.
Tip: If you're inside a Bubble related company, then tell your boss to buy you and everyone else the company access 😉

Or buy it already if you're the boss! C'mon, why miss years of distilled experience from a company that specializes in making plugins with high standards?

Why miss the experience in delivering tried and tested plugins with hundreds of thousands of usages already and max-star ratings? 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Why miss the experience of creating unique, never seen before features in private plugins that other companies rely on to drive the core of their digital businesses? 🎩

Save yourself hundreds of hours of headache and significant money loss due to the natural potholes that people run into when driving on the plugin making road! 🚛

About me

I am Vini! Nice to meet you 😊
I am a dedicated plugin maker for years, made some great public plugins and specialized in making private plugins on demand with the highest quality standard on the planet, providing power with clarity.

I also oversee teams, participate in joint ventures and provide consulting on breaking Bubble's limitations.

In other words, I am the wizard you call when something seems undoable in Bubble 🧙

And I don't mind sharing this magical power with you.
You already learned Bubble.
You can already cast great spells and create a lot of value for people without physical effort. 
That’s magical already! ⚡

It's time you take advantage of a new source of power that feels supernatural even for nocode wizards!
There will be very few limits for you once you gain mastery in this path.
Now scroll back up and perform your commitment oath.
See you on the other side!

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Plugin Makery - The definitive Bubble plugin making training material!

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